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The Top Brands in the Industry

A Little History

Miller Industries was founded in 1990.  Since its inception, the company has provided innovative high quality towing and recovery equipment world wide.  Listed as "MLR" on the New York Stock Exchange, Miller Industries has a total of four manufacturing facilities in the United States, one in England, and one in France.  

As the World's leader, Miller Industries provides a complete line of quality equipment including carriers up to 30 feet in length with deck capabilities of up to 40,000 lb and towing recovery units with boom capacities of 75 tons. 

Century®, Vulcan®, Chevron™, Holmes®

Whether your interest is in a Rotator, Car Carrier, Light-Duty or Heavy-Duty Wrecker, we manufacture the top brands of wreckers and car carriers in the towing and recovery industry worldwide.  With the industry leading brands Century, Vulcan, Chevron, and Holmes, there is a high-level of expectation for every product we produce.  We also know the level of expectation for service high, and we strive to provided the highest service possible to our customers. 

Why Choose a Miller Industries™ Wrecker/Carrier?

Get the Best

Miller Industries places the most stringent guidelines in the design of a new wrecker or carrier going to market.  From the time the concept first goes onto paper, to the manufacturing of the first prototype, hundreds of man hours are spent in design, brainstorming with sales and customers, and engineering review.  The specially designed features that maximize the functionality of the unit and the ergonomic benefits provided, all surpass any other wrecker manufacturer.   As important as all of these factors are, it is without-a-doubt the educated sales and distribution network, along with the level of support and service after the sale, that make Miller Industries brands of wreckers unmatched in the industry.

Looking To Purchase?  See these helpful pages covering a wide array of considerations from Carriers to Wreckers.

Most Comprehensive Distributor Network

Where to Invest or Purchase?

Miller Industries has the largest network of distributors who sell our products within the United States and Canada.  You can use our convenient distributor search tool to find a distributor in your area to buy your new unit today.  As a global provider, we also have distributors outside of the U.S., to include England, France, Japan, Australia, South Africa, to name a few.  For sales in other regions please contact us at  For a full list of our distributors click here.



Manufacturing Excellence

Car Carrier Manufacturing in Hermitage, PA:


Light-Duty Wrecker Manufacturing in Ooltewah, TN:

More Than a Wrecker Manufacturer

Exceeding Expectations

Miller Industries also produces products for the freight and transport industries.  With brands like Titan, and other products exclusive to Miller Industries, we continue to provide solutions that meet all of our customer needs.  

What are some of the other products we manufacture?

Maintenance Corner

Keep Your Equipment in Top Condition

Maintenance on your wrecker or carrier is critical to maximizing its longevity.  Miller Industries products are durable and have stood the test of time, but with some basic maintenance.  Simple routine steps like proper lubrication of grease points, changing of fluids, and other maintenance items go a long way toward keeping your wrecker in top condition.

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Miller Industries has been exceptional to work with.  We have two tandem-steer and a single-steer 75-Ton rotators, along with four 9055’s, two 3212’s, and numerous other Miller products.  Their customer service is second to nobody. Thanks again for such a great product!

Shawn Bristow

Darrell Johnson Jr. Johnson’s Wrecker Service, Inc., Orlando, FL

I have been buying wreckers from Miller Industries since 1986. I currently own roughly 25 pieces of Miller Industries product. What I really like about Miller Industries is that they stand behind their product and our factory rep answers any questions I have very quickly. I love my Century® wreckers, and it was easy working with Miller Industries to make them just the way I wanted it. The people at Miller Industries will help design equipment that is best for your needs. The people at Miller Industries listen to the operator and end user to help design their product. I have owned two Century® 75-ton rotators and love them. The team at Miller Industries really knows how to make a quality product, and I feel confident they will be ready to help me in the future.

Shawn Bristow

Andy Chesney Euless B&B Wrecker Service, Euless, TX